Have Prayer Needs?

Have Prayer Needs?

 Mānoa Valley Church offers prayer ministries and opportunities.

  1. The church staff faithfully prays for all requests and needs each Monday morning. Complete a prayer request form and place it in the offering plate. Your request will be kept confidential.

  2. Mānoa Valley Church has a team of E-Prayer Warriors. You can send a confidential request to them via the Prayer Request link.

  3. The Brothers and Sisters in Christ are available immediately following our monthly communion services (1st Sunday of the month) at the rear of the sanctuary.

  4. Pastor offer prayers for healing and support on the 4th Sunday of each month, following worship (as soon as they are done greeting worshipers). Let them know you want prayer and they will be glad to pray for you.

  5. Pastor welcomes your prayer requests at any time. They can be reached at the church office – 988-3271.


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