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Mānoa Valley Church PRESCHOOL

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

For the past 75 years, Child Care Programs have been an integral part of Mānoa Valley Church. Starting from our humble beginnings to the present day,  a primary focus for us has been to care for each child in our midst.

Today, we continue to fulfill this mission through our preschool, where we provide a loving environment for every child who comes through our doors. We see each child as special and unique and seek a holistic approach, nurturing each child in the areas of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual development with the love of Jesus Christ. Our Preschool is a NAEYC Accredited, licensed preschool for 40 children, ages three and four years old.

The MVC Preschool aims to work with parents to help create and cultivate a strong foundation for children to reach their potential as contributing members of society. Our school provides a safe, healthy, nurturing, and responsive environment where children grow as individuals, and also grow to love God, others, and themselves. We use child-centered approaches in our educational programs.

In addition, Mānoa Valley Church supports families in need, and in 2022, we hope to expand our programs, offering families opportunities to be cared for and grow through parenting workshops and hosting special family focused/friendly events.


We believe that a preschool should:
1. Provide a quality, well-rounded education that cares for the whole child, including their spiritual, physical, social, and emotional needs.
2. Provide programs and activities which are appropriate to the developmental levels and interests of the students
3. Promote active, exploratory learning, offering the children numerous first-hand experiences
4. Encourage opportunities for children to express themselves creatively
5. Help the children grow appropriately in their independence and ability to make choices and take responsibility for themselves
6. Foster cooperation and concern for others
7. Offer balanced of activities – fine and gross motor, indoor and outdoor, individual and group, active and quiet, teacher-directed and child-initiated
8. Foster open communication between home and school


Currently, we have a few openings for the 2023-2024 academic year.
Preschool Fees/Tuition Payments
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Evelin Tai

Pastor of Children + Family Ministries
Preschool Director

Ms. kelley Martin

Lead Teacher (Superstar Class - 4/5 Year Old)

ms. Ying Zhang  

Assistant Teacher (Superstar Class - 4/5 Year Old)

Ms. Camille Vincente

Lead Teacher (Honeybee Class - 3/4 Year Old)

MS. ai Pappalardo

Assistant Teacher (Honeybee Class - 3/4 Year Old)

MS. Patricia Murata

Assistant Teacher (Honeybee Class - 3/4 Year Old)

ms. Wimberly grove

Teacher Consultant

ms. Norann kim

Assistant Teacher

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